Mechanicsburg, PA

About Us

The history of H&N is one of Pennsylvanian hard work and growth. Founded in 1982 as “H&N Lawn Maintenance & Remodeling”, they cared for property, made home additions, and removed snow in the off-season. Starting with one old truck, H&N has consistently grown and continued to produce quality work. The modern H&N Landscaping LLC has evolved into a three-branch family of service brands providing landscaping, mowing, clean-ups, lawn treatments, tree & shrub care, and commercial snow removal.

Regularly spotted at the Williams Grove Speedway hosting charity corn hole tournaments, H&N is always finding ways to give back to the community who forged it. Always seeking new innovations, advancing science, and making beautiful spaces, we continue to make leading developments in the green industry we service here in central Pennsylvania. We are a landscaping company serving Central PA for over 30 years. We specialize in mowing, installs, hardscaping, cleanups, turf applications, tree & shrub care, and commercial snow removal.