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Caring for Your Commercial Property

Do you want the land around your store, restaurant, office building, or school to look immaculate all year round? Contact H&N Landscaping LLC to keep your property spotless. When you sign up for our landscaping maintenance services, you're getting over 35 years of experience to work for you. We have been caring for commercial properties in the Harrisburg and Central PA area.

Required, Regular Maintenance

  • Blowing off all sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots
  • Edging
  • Line trimming
  • Mowing
  • Policing and removal of refuse in all beds and islands
  • Weeding and / or spraying of beds and islands
  • Trees, shrubs, and turfs will be carefully checked for various problems
  • Any stressed or damaged plants will be reported to you so that you can have them repaired or replaced

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Your trees and shrubs will be regularly checked for any disease or insects, and then they will be treated as necessary. All shrubs are pruned as part of our spring and fall cleanup. Perennials are cared for at the appropriate time of the year. Larger trees of at least 15 feet in height will have their hanging branches pruned once a year.

Our Spring Cleanup Plan

Have your commercial property completely cleaned up every spring. Our spring cleanup service is done prior to mulching. All beds are cleared of leaves and litter, while plant material is cut back as necessary. Mechanical edging of all bedded areas and tree saucers is done. We'll apply weed barrier herbicide to all beds to hold back weed growth and development. Once spring cleanup is done, we'll mulch all beds and tree saucers.

Leaf Removal in the Fall

When the leaves turn and fall in the autumn months, we'll collect and remove them from your commercial property. This includes all bedded areas, tree saucers, driveways, parking areas, and turfs.

Application to All Turf Areas

Additionally, we'll complete all lawn care and fertilization of the turf areas around your yard three times a year.

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